Innovations and technology development

Innovation is a new solution created for a specific need and bringing about success. The starting point of making innovations can be an existing need or a desire to create new business or product range.

Solving an existing need often requires long-term development work. You must develop either technology or procedure. Technological development work isoften the playground of technical experts, researchers, and engineers, and in the process of development you cannot forget the people who will be using the solutions. Even the finest technology is meaningless if you cannot find the users and buyers for its applications.

When there is no defined problem or need, you must first invent a question and then find an answer for it. The beginning of this kind of innovation development is described with the concept of "fuzzy front end": the starting point is fuzzy and you try to create some order in it.

Technology development is systematic work, where process and information management is important. For the development, you need a variety of experts who search and develop solutions for the problem together. There are often several organizations and companies involved in the development work.

Design-oriented thinking and the methods of design provide good tools for fuzzy front end phase development, where orderliness, testing, experimenting and iteration are required. Plain creative thinking is not enough, but with creative doing you can go a long way. With the help of design-oriented thinking, the innovations are not only limited to cost savings or technical solutions, but you can at the same time find benefits through customer experience and symbolic values. When a product or service is developed as a whole, it is possible to achieve better results - even innovations.

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