RD DA-Platform™

The benefits of design automation

Faster design:

  • Automatic creation of geometry
  • Production documents
  • Analytical calculations
  • Challenging geometries

Reduction of errors

  • Elimination of human errors
  • Reduction of detailed errors
  • Attention to computational details

Managing technical information

  • Design rules and standards
  • Storing tacit knowledge
  • Utilizing standard products
  • Managing and collecting product related technical information

Significant savings

  • Acceleration of design process (even more than 90 %)
  • Faster iteration rounds
  • Automatic update of the design points

More perfect product

  • Optimized geometry
  • Attention to the assembly (tool premises)
  • Managing relations


  • Managing product lifecycle
  • Fast product modifications with dynamism
  • Realtime changes of parameters
  • Different product variations

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