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Woikoski: Hydrogen filling station

Woikoski Ltd introduced a new filling station concept related to hydrogen-fueled traffic in the "Emission-free Hydrogen-fueled Traffic Road Tour" happening in Helsinki, Vuosaari, on September 14th 2015. The concept was born in a wide product development project executed by RD Velho and Woikoski.

The new filling station concept was executed in close co-operation with RD Velho. RD Velho was in charge of the façade and external structure design, the mechanical engineering, the technical analysis, construction management, and project management. Woikoski took care of the technique of the filling station, installations, and electrical engineering.

The strength of RD Velho in the Woikoski product development project was a wide range of services under one roof. In RD Velho, the requirements of design, mechanical engineering, and producibility could be combined quickly and efficiently. - When one operator handles the whole entity, the end result is always less expensive, says Harri Kelho, Project Manager of the project at RD Velho.

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