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VEO: Generator Commander

VEO’s and Arcteq’s Generator Commander combines the protection, synchronization, and magnetization into one and the same entity. The new device innovation is a tour de force of Finnish knowhow, where RD Velho plays a major role.

Developed for 1-500 MW power plants and synchronous motors, Generator Commander is a device innovation that saves costs and space. Generator Commander lowers the manufacturer and end customer costs, because it is quick and easy to set up. Generator Commander saves up to 86 % of space in comparison to the old system. The automatic calculation tools in the device speed up the planning and decrease the amount of design errors. What is more, because of the simplified entity, it is clearly less expensive than the traditional device entities, VEO Sales Manager Hannu Erkkilä lists the advantages of Generator Commander. - This product development project with RD Velho really clicked! The project was accelerated and facilitated when we received all the required services from one source. RD Velho’s service supply was wider than we could have hoped for. A trustworthy partner is everything in projects like this. Doing business must be easy and flexible.

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