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VAMP: Vamp 321 arc control unit

The new modular structure of Vamp 321 arc protection unit enables the expansion of its functions and performance with additional modules as required. The base unit has separate connections for two light sensors and it can be expanded from basic protection to demanding arc protection systems.

As the first manufacturer in the market Vamp has added to its arc protection systems an event and an interference recorder that boosts the anticipation and post analysis of the arc use. Vamp 321 uses the same VAM hubs, cables and sensors as Vamp's earlier tried and tested arc protection systems.

The device has a new durable structure, for example, a cast aluminum casing and IP 54 protected control panel. An adjustable attaching mechanism makes flexible installation to different locations possible.

Vamp 321 has been developed in close co-operation with the customers of Vamp Ltd and has made use of the tried and tested technology used in Vamp 50 and Vamp 200 protection relays and Vamp 221 arc protection system. RD Velho is a partner supporting the product development of VAMP Ltd and has, among other things, implemented the design and mechanics of Vamp 321.

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