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Sievi Footwear: SieviSCANNER

SieviLtd and RD Velho Ltd have developed a foot scanner (SieviSCANNER) utilizing computer vision and industrial internet. The foot scanner enables measuring a customer's feet accurately. Thanks to the data stored in SieviCLOUD service, the customer can easily find suitable footwear in the web and also examine the measurements later. Sievi uses the measurement data for product development.

The new generation SieviSCANNER developed in co-operation with RD Velho is an industrial internet (IoT) application, which enables measuring customers’ feet quickly and accurately. The device measures the length and width of the foot and the height of the arch with a computer vision. With the new device, both new insoles and the right kind of footwear are easier to choose.

The data measured by SieviSCANNER is downloaded in SieviCLOUD service and the data can be used both for customer service and to support Sievi footwear product development. Based on the measurement data, Sievi salesperson can recommend the customer a fitting insole or footwear and – if the customer wishes – send more information by email, for example. Furthermore, the customers can use the web service to filter the Sievi collection of products based on product properties, for example, and to find exactly the products best suited for their needs. The SieviCLOUD service also helps the retailer that can use the service to customize the collection to show to the customer according to what the retailer keeps in stock.

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