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Metso: design automaton

RD Velho has developed a design automaton that can create cost savings in comparison to traditional design methods. The new tool has been developed in co-operation with Metso.

- The greatest advantages of the design automaton are the significant increase in the speed of the design process and the intelligent geometric conclusions, such as structure optimization and producibility, enabled by the automaton, says Harri Kelho, Developer of Mechanical Design at RD Velho, whose team is the home of this new product.

Developing the design automaton has been to Kelho's team a motivating but sometimes annoyingly demanding project. However, the end result looks very rewarding. -The economic benefits of the design automaton are easy to see. Roughly speaking, after two or three products the design automaton refunds the investment clearly more. Additionally, with a finished design automaton you can customize a new product almost with the same expenses as to design a so called bulk product from scratch.

In addition to cost efficiency, the design automaton brings other advantages to business. It can be used as a tool for sales, in documentation, analyses, and in customization for customers.

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