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RD Velho planned and implemented the Nemo Cloud user interface to Anite Network Testing and automatized the testing. With Nemo Cloud, you can control and follow the measurement and testing systems in the network in real time and share their data. Anite Network Testing is one of the leading operators in the field of creating wireless testing, analyzing and measuring solutions

RD Velho has planned and implemented in co-operation with Anite Network Testing the Nemo Cloud user interface, which can be used to remotely control and follow different measuring and testing systems and share the obtained information. Nemo Cloud streamlines the measuring and testing services, because it helps simplifying the workflow and the real-time functionality provides cost savings.

Nemo Cloud is a versatile, real-time and technically advanced user interface. Visually it follows the Anite Network Testing appearance: clear and easy to use. Nemo Cloud can be used by several users at the same time, says Petri Erälä from RD Velho.

The Nemo Invex II equipment developed earlier in co-operation is one of the equipment that can be controlled and followed with Nemo Cloud.

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