We Design a More Intelligent World

RD Velho is an intelligent business developer as well as a product and software development professional.

We design a more intelligent world in co-operation with our customers. A more intelligent world is created as a result of high-quality know-how, passion and innovativeness. Our core competencies are business design, information systems, embedded devices, mechanics and design. We offer a unique service package that combines product development, service design and business development.

Based on our many years of experience in product and business development, we dare to say that we are the wizards in our line of business.



RD Velho is a Finnish self-sustaining consulting and engineering office. The company was born at the end of 2010 as a result of a fusion between Velho Engineering Ltd and Relides Ltd engineering offices, creating one of the most significant engineering offices of their business line in Finland. During the last years also five other smaller consulting, design and engineering companies have merged with RD Velho.

RD Velho co-operates with over 200 companies yearly and provides its customers consulting and development services starting from smart business development up to managing life cycles of products.

RD Velho has grown profitably and already expanded to nine localities in Finland. We have ICT-consultants, designers, mechanical engineers, software engineers, electronic engineers, technical writers, packaging designers, structural analysts and project managers - in other words, the complete key team from product and software design to ICT-consulting.

Our aim is to continue the strong growth, develop to become recognized as the most significant agent in this line of business in Finland and to be recognized as a good employer. We also want to increase international projects and service export during the years to come.

Company values

1. Customer orientation

We commit ourselves to confidentiality and transparent service production. We comprehensively understand the business and needs of our customer in relation to the service we provide. We act with self-guidance, predicting the needs of our customers and revealing both the positive and negative issues that we notice.

2. Serviceability

We work as a consulting and product development partner and help our clients to grow and concentrate on their core business. We know our line of business well enough to execute the services that fulfill the customer needs the best. 

3. Quality

We produce high quality consulting, product and software development services professionally, minimizing the risks and errors in every phase of the process. Our ability to keep up high and stable quality production is based on our professional staff committed to quality and the common work methods in the whole company. We do everything according to the laws and acts as well as to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards to reach the best possible customer satisfaction.

4. Continuous improvement

We are proud of the success of our customers, our skills, and the innovations we have produced. Our whole staff is committed to developing our work community and to our overall responsible and economical work methods. Our operation is object-oriented. To maintain and improve customer satisfaction we constantly develop our operational prcesses based on external and internal discoveries.

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