Thermal design

Heat can transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. In thermal design, we can include all of these in the same analysis. We of ten also use the flow analysis to define the amount of the heat transmitted by a flow convection more precisely.

Thermal analyses are done a lot in electronics, where it is important to transfer the heat away so that the components are not damaged. Uneven temperature distributions cause significant loads to structures, especially in engines and other hot environments. With heat transfer analysis, we can also save the energy needed for heating and cooling. Furthemore, a precise heat analysis may prevent excessive insulation.

Heat transfer analysis can replace tests in exceptional situations. For example, if one of the fans in an enclosure goes out in a real test, that prototype may be permanently damaged. With simulation there is no permanent damage. With the same tools, we can also test situations where a person must work next to very hot machine parts. Then it is possible to measure the required shields to prevent the personal injury that might be caused by the heat.

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