Structural analysis

For the structural analysis we check the stresses and displacements in the structure. Based on the study, we optimize the structure so that it is safe and can take the required load, but is as cheap to manufacture as possible.

When optimizing, we can also take into account the vibrations of the structure. The vibration frequencies of the structure affect not only the comfort of use but also the function in an environment with rotating machinery or earthquakes.

When designing load bearing structures, we can use the analyses to select proper values for important measures right at the beginning of product development. That way, the parts joining and surrounding these structures can be placed and designed in more detail already at the beginning of a project. The structural analyses must be done in time so that it is not necessary to add any extra reinforcements or stiffeners afterwards.

We can execute all the mechanical tests virtually, be it overload, ROPS, FOPS or dropping test. Repeating a virtual test is significantly easier, because virtual testing does not destroy the test pieces. With virtual tests, we can also identify the parts of the structure that are too strong. This leads to savings in material and manufacturing expenses.

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