Computational fluid dynamics

Computational fluid analysis is the analysis of the movement of fluids (liquids and gases). We can study the behavior of these substances in flow or the movement and pressure changes caused by temperature differences. We can also provide you with aerodynamical and hydrodynamical analyses, for vehicles, for example. In addition to these typical targets, we can also analyze the phenomena related to burning or foam formation. Flow analysis is also an essential part of the analysis of many cooling systems.

With flow analysis, we can optimize, for example, the amount of energy needed to move the cooling air, and with suitable solutions decrease the pressure loss. At the same time we can check that the air moves to all required directions, which for its part decreases fouling, for example, or increases cooling power in electronic applications.

By studying flows, we canimprove many reactions and processes - for example, a burning process in an oven or a mixing process in a container. We can also define resistance powers for components travelling underwater or for structures used in high wind, which decreases the need for testing with physical prototypes.

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