Analyzing and software testing

We have incorporated software testing as a part of our product development processes since the 90's. The quality of the software is always the key point for us.

For software testing we use a wide variety of static and dynamic analysis software products so that we can minimize the number of errors in the code, measure the performance of the system, and find out about the coverage of the testing. We can also handle the automatization of the testing in different environments and product development phases.

The tools we use for testing and error management:

  • Selenium

  • Jenkins

  • Mocha, Jasmine, Chai

  • RobotFramework, Squish

  • CppUTest, Purify

  • BugZilla

  • Lint

  • Valgrind

  • CodeSonar

We can implement a comprehensive IoT solution and finalize it with automated API, data and user interface testing.

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