Software engineering

In software engineering, we specialize in the design, implementation and testing of embedded software and IoT solutions. Reliable operation, data security and excellent usability are important for us. 

Embedded systems, IoT services

Our embedded systems bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to our customers’ business-critical sites. The system can cover individual metrics or a larger set of devices.

Web applications: full stack, front-end and back-end

We design customized web applications (full stack, front-end and back-end) for different purposes: system and process monitoring, order processing, geographic information services, and reports. We use open-source software. 

Technologies and tools:

  • JavaScript, PHP
  • jQuery, Angular, Angular 2, React, Knockout
  • Ajax, Rest API
  • Node, Express
  • MySQL, Mongo DB

Software testing 

Our software engineering process always includes testing. For software testing we use a wide variety of static and dynamic analysis software products that allow us to minimize the number of errors in the code, measure the performance of the system, and determine the coverage of the testing. 

We can also handle the automatization of testing in different environments and product development phases.

IoT Plan™: IoT-driven business development

An analysis on how to develop business with the help of IoT. You will receive a solution presentation of the functions and service opportunities related to the product, a description of the implementation technology and a presentation of the user interface. The team behind the plan includes a service designer and software, electronics and user interface designers.

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