Software development

RD Velho offers a unique software development service package for its customers. Our competence covers the whole range of software development from embedded software to visualisation and user interface solutions for geospatial information. Information management, information security and integrations serve the whole range so that we can offer a package that can best serve you in our industry and current situation.

We pay special attention to usability, information security and reliability in our software projects. Together with our customers, we improve the functionality of software and work to create a more intelligent world.

Our strength is our diverse technological expertise that allows us to select the most suitable option for each need together with the customer. Our software developers are competent in the most widely used modern software technologies.


Embedded software design and embedded systems

We are specialised in the design, implementation and testing of embedded software and IoT solutions. We value reliability, data security and excellent usability.

Embedded systems, IoT services

We use embedded systems to bring the industrial internet (IoT) to the environments required by the customer’s business operations. The environment can consist of a single target requiring measurement or a larger group of equipment.

IoT Plan™: This is how you improve your business operations with the help of IoT.

An analysis of how IoT could be used to improve operations. Based on the analysis, we will prepare a solution proposal that includes the following: the product’s functions, the potential services linked to the product, a description of the implementation technology and a user interface proposal. The work will be carried out by a service designer as well as software, electronics and user interface designers.

You can download the IoT Plan brochure here:

Software projects

Our customers require a lot from us, and this has helped us become a unique expert in developing secure and highly usable software. We carry out larger information system projects as well as smaller application development projects for various areas, such as system and process monitoring, resource planning, efficient log-in, instant messaging, order processing, geospatial information services and reporting.

Software security

We are one of Finland’s most respected experts on information security and cybersecurity, and this is also evident in the security of our software. Our experts have considerable experience in working on software projects where information security is critically important. We are able to carry out projects where information security is critically important. We also have the competence to carry out projects in systems of various protection levels for public administration.

System integrations

Our experts have extensive experience in information system integration. Our special strength in system integration is our in-depth understanding of information security and secure gateway solutions in integrations.

Analysis and visualization of geospatial information

RD Velho has extensive experience in visualization solutions for geospatial information, which can be used to enhance observation by taking advantage of the most current technology. The visualization of geospatial information improves the quality of decision-making, particularly in complex environments where the information is spread across several systems. Integrating geospatial information from various systems into, for example, a map-based interface, makes it possible to flexibly examine various data in one view. Embedded systems and IoT offer new opportunities for customers also in the collection of geospatial information.

Software solutions

We have created many practical software solutions that are suitable for various industries. Our solutions have been flexibly built on the basis of customers’ needs and requirements. We are also able to take into account the special features of the industry and the operating environment.

  • Kerralla — an efficient desktop menu for centralised software management
  • Kortilla — a time-saving solution for keeping the same desktop view between remote working stations
  • Soitella — a solution for the making and management of call requests and chat discussions
  • Luvalla — an efficient solution for signing and management of the electronic agreements
  • Pikatiedote — an efficient instant messaging solution for sharing information


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