Project management

As our customer, you get access to the most extensive product development services in Finland, all in the same place.

Efficient project management speeds up the project development process and makes it more efficient. We offer the most diverse product development expertise in Finland, the latest knowledge of technologies, extensive research and industrial networks and a flexible, customer-centered operating model. 

Our operations are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards. 

Project plans

Well planned is half done. Our project managers prepare detailed project plans that are used to steer the project effectively to its target.  

CE label

We clarify the obligatory EU legislation and go through the available harmonized standards. We plan the product according to the requirements and carry out a risk assessment that is based on international standards. We test the product and produce complete documentation. 

Product Concept™: a concept for a mechanical product or an embedded system

A product concept in a week. A product concept developed by product development professionals for either a mechanical product or an embedded system. The resulting product concept can be used to start the productization stage. 

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IoT Plan™: IoT-driven business development

An analysis on how to develop business with the help of IoT. You will receive a presentation of the functions and service opportunities related to the product and a description of the user interface and implementation technology. The team behind the plan includes a service designer and software, electronics and user interface designers.

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