Information security and cybersecurity

We are one of Finland’s most respected experts on information security and cybersecurity. These days, taking information security and cyber security into account is vital for ensuring the continuity of business operations. We help our customers improve their information security and take into account potential cyber threats. We consider our customers’ needs and the requirements of the operating environment so that information security can be brought closer to every employee’s everyday activities. Improving information security is a continuous process that must fit in well with the organisation’s practices.

For us, taking information security into account is a natural part of everyday operations. Information security has been taken into consideration in our software development projects, and we are used to processing sensitive information as part of our projects. Our strengths also include the management of critical information and the improvement of information security with the help of information management. We use audited methods and spaces (protection levels ST III and IV in Katakri), which means that we can offer services requiring a high level of information security to our customers. 

Areas where we can help you:

  • Information security management
  • Risk management
  • Continuity management
  • Improving information security of operations
  • Specifying information security requirements
  • Planning technical information security controls
  • Information security auditing and surveys
  • Secure software development


Taking data protection into account as part of information security

Due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, data protection has become a current issue in information security. We take data protection into consideration as part of information security.

Areas where we can help you:

  • Data protection assessments and surveys
  • Improving data protection in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation or another requirement
  • Taking data protection into account in system procurement and development
  • The data file descriptions and privacy policies for personal data
  • Data protection instructions and training
  • Guidance for the data protection officer
  • Risk management and impact assessment

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  • Olli Pitkänen
    Senior Consultant, Information Security Management & Data protection
  • Riku Nykänen
    Senior Architect, Security and ICT

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