Industrial design

Industrial design enhances the comfort, quality and appearance of the product, making it stand out better. In short, it affects all the aspects that are important for sales! Design thinking plays a major role in business development at large.

Our designers are constantly developing new innovations that can help you save in production costs or improve the usability of your product. We integrate industrial design into other product development stages, such as mechanical engineering, FEM analysis and electronics and software engineering. 

User-centered product design

Good design increases the appeal of the products and makes them stand out and support the company’s other product range. Design increases the value of the product, as experienced by the customer.

The design approach of our designers is always user-centered: We start the design process by analyzing the needs and wishes of the users and the boundary conditions set by the use environment and conditions. We also take production costs into consideration as part of the design. 

Design Lite™: Design concept for a new product

Design Lite™ is a fast design concept and the designers’ idea of the new appearance of your product. It can cover a completely new product or be a facelift for an existing product. Design Lite is suitable for products in the initial phase of the product development or products that are already in production. The result is a design presentation to support, for example, internal marketing or product development.

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