Power sources

When designing battery-operated devices, we always take into account the use and usability of the device. We optimize the capacity of the power source and take advantage of the latest low power consumption technologies. In power source technologies, our strength lies in designing different switched-mode power supplies like Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost type power supplies, and linear power supplies such as LDO.

We are familiar with different kind of battery charging solutions and battery technologies. We can harvest energy from movement, vibration, or sunlight.

Operating environments

We design products for different environments starting from clean indoor facilities to demanding industrial and ATEX environments. We take into account the operating conditions in all of our product development projects.

Testing and test planning

When needed, we can offer different solutions to automatic product testing, starting from testing during product development and continuing with approval testing to end product testing during the actual production.

Producibility and cost structure

In electronic design we pay attention to the testability, producibility and cost structure of a product, so that starting the production is easy and cost-efficient also in bulk.

We create the testing plan and the testing strategy together with the customer as a part of the electronic design. Consequently, it is possible to match the product with the existing testers and the developing of testers can be done alongside with the product development project.

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