Electronics engineering

Electronics engineering covers product design, product specifications, circuit diagrams and boards engineering, testing, official approvals, and productization.  

Embedded systems, IoT solutions

Our embedded systems bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to our customers’ business-critical sites. The system can cover individual metrics or a larger set of devices.

We have extensive experience in contemporary IoT solutions and the standard microcontroller and microprocessor environments used in embedded devices, as well as the related memory types.

We have designed products for all kinds of environments, from sleek office interiors to demanding industrial sites and ATEX environments. In our R&D projects, we always take into account the conditions of use, the way the device is used and usability.

We use the latest energy-efficient technologies.  Our familiarity with different charging solutions and battery technologies allow us to harvest energy from, for example, movement, vibration or sunlight.

Circuit board design

We have extensive expertise in different circuit board technologies and a strong knowledge of the materials, new production technologies and cost factors associated with circuit boards. 

Tools and technologies: Pads by Mentor Graphics, ZukenRigid, Flex and HDI circuit boards


Automatic product testing is an important part of electronics engineering, both during design and production. We create the test plan and strategy together with the customer as part of the electronics engineering process. 

IoT Plan™: IoT-driven business development

An analysis on how to develop business with the help of IoT. You will receive a solution presentation of the functions and service opportunities related to the product, a description of the implementation technology and a presentation of the user interface. The team behind the plan includes a service designer and software, electronics and user interface designers.

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