The experts at RD Velho have various kinds of expertise in ICT consulting, service design and using technology to improve business operations. Our experts can help you with projects related to information systems by ensuring successful information system procurement and deployment as well as by designing effective information system architectures. We also count information management among our strengths, particularly in the management of critical information and the improvement of data security with the help of information management. We are also one of Finland’s most respected experts on information security and cybersecurity.

Improving business operations with the help of technology

We help organisations improve their business operations by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by technology. New technologies offer new methods for managing an organisation’s operations. In some situations, technology may change the logic of the entire business and give the organisation a permanent advantage. We assess the organisation’s current procedures, employ service design principles in the design process and help pilot the new procedures made possible by current technology.

Information system procurement and deployment

Successful information system procurement is always based on expert specification and design work. Our experts have several years’ worth of experience in various kinds of procurements and procurement methods.

  • Requirements specification
  • Preparing a call for bids
  • Coordinating the competitive bidding process
  • Assessing bids
  • Auditing project implementation
  • Ensuring that information security and data safety requirements are met
  • Organising the deployment of the system


Designing the information system architecture

We help organisations design effective system architectures. Designing the architecture starts with surveying what information and processes important to the organisation’s operations should be taken into account when designing the architecture. The aim of designing an architecture is to make all systems serve and support the organisation’s operations.

  • Designing system and software architectures
  • System selection and tailoring
  • Designing integration architectures
  • System integrations
  • Taking information security into account in integrations


Information management

The management of critical information and the improvement of information security through information management are our particular strengths in information management projects. The existing information capital is one of the most important but most poorly utilised resources within organisations. The protection and efficient utilisation of information capital requires information management. RD Velho’s expert information management services will help you find, utilise, manage and protect information efficiently and appropriately.

  • Information management
  • Document management
  • Information life cycle management
  • Information utilisation and usability
  • Information security and data protection
  • Procurement of information management systems

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