Service Design Is a Step Back!


Yes it is. You need to take a few steps backwards to be able to see the big picture.

When you see the big picture you will understand that the thing you were staring at very closely is just a small piece of the complete system. Think for example a situation when you are responsible for designing a product, an application, or a user interface. When you take a step back you can really appreciate that the product itself is only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. And by seeing and understanding that, not only can you make a better product or a user interface, but you have an opportunity to make the whole structure of the operation and the user experience better.

Service design is by definition a task or procedure to improve the user experience and make services more user oriented. But service design, in one point of view, is also a means to take into account everything that matters. Metaphorically speaking, service design is about painting the big picture so that all the colors and details fit together. Then the painting will be clear and desirable.

"Zoom Out - Zoom In ™"

By taking a step back you are zooming out. It is like climbing up a hill to be able to see the horizon. Not only will you see the area in front of you, but also the whole landscape. When you look up to the skyline you will start to imagine and visualize what is behind of it. You'll begin picturing the future and planning the path to get there.

By zooming out you will be seeing everything and then you can zoom into the smaller things. On the wider view, it is possible to tell what is interesting and essential. You will start to see not only the current user and customers, but all those that might be interested in your services. You will start to understand the possibilities of working together with other service providers and grow or improve your own business. And not only business, but all that you are willing to achieve.

Service design tools and methods are very useful and help climbing up the hill. If you are not familiar with them yet, don’t hesitate to ask experts for help.


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