Nordic IoT Week 2018
Nordic IoT Week 2018, the largest IoT-event in northern Europe will take place in Helsinki, Finland on April 16th-20th2018. RD Velho is one of the Nordic IoT partners with Telia. Welcome to meet us at the event! We live in the middle of a digital transformation that will affect life, society and economy more than any other technological development before. Exponentially growing number of sensors...
The new NB-IoT smart letterbox sends a warning once it is nearly full, thus saving the carrier from unnecessary trips to empty boxes. Smart letterboxes are already in use across the world, but the latest result of the partnership between Posti, Telia and RD Velho is the first of these to utilise the new narrowband network technology. In other words, it is one application of the Internet of Things...
“One of the great aspects of NB-IoT is that no separate base stations or other systems are needed. We can place the sensor directly on the crane and have immediate access to the data,” says Matti Kemppainen, Director, Research and Innovation at Konecranes. Konecranes manufactures and delivers cranes to different parts of the world. A great deal of important information can be collected from...

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